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Started 2007-03-1
Server time: 2022-01-18 03:40:21
Win profit: 150 %
Total Bet $ 165.7
Total Payout $ 241.83
low HIGH
0 5
1 6
2 7
3 8
4 9

Bet History
Bet Result
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Low   High  
Low   Low  
Low   High  
Low   Low  
Low   Low  
Low   High  
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High   High  
Low   High  
Play Perfect Money! Games Automatic Payment via Perfect Money!
*** High Low Game *** Win 150 % Quickly *** Instant withdraw ***
low HIGH

Play and double your money immediately. All you have to do is put your bet on one of two available choice, high or low. Your winning then calculated from your batch number transaction and your spend time. Here is the formula:

X = (Sum of last 2 batch digit +
Sum of second value of spend time) % 10

for example, after the transaction your batch number is 165593483 and your recorded spend time is 21:10:34. Then:

X =(8+3+3+4)%10 = 18%10 = 8

Your payback is depend on this X result. If your bet is HIGH and X is between 5-9, or if your bet is LOW and X is between 0-4, you got 150 % of the current bet price. It means, you've just doubled your money in a few seconds!!!

All transaction are made using Perfect Money.

If you don't have an Perfect Money account, Please click here to open your Perfect Money account now!

You can earn more by referring people to this game. The URL for referring people is:
where perfectmoney is your Perfect Money number. You'll earn 10 % of your referral bet.
If you encounter error when return from Perfect Money to the result page , You can:
- Wait about 5 minute and refresh .
- Check the HISTORY page .
- Use this link to check the result of any batch.
where XXXXXXX is the batch number
- If the result page say "The coin is still flowing in the air!! " Pls contact admin for refund .
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